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Frequently Answered Questions for CNA & PCT

Please take a moment to check out these frequently answered questions to the most commonly confusing information.

Where can a CNA work and how much will they make? CNA's can generally find employment opportunities in Nursing homes, Personal Care Homes , Assisted Living Facilities, Home Health Care agencies, Hospice care agencies, Private Home Care and some hospitals. Pay rates for CNA may range from $9-$14 per hour, based on what type of facility, location and previous experience the CNA has.

Where can a PCT work and how much do they get paid? In addition to the same employment opportunities as CNA's, PCT's are generally able to seek employment in doctors' offices, hospitals, EKG labs, blood labs, clinics, and blood collection agencies. Pay rates for PCT's may range from $10-$16 per hour, based on what type of facility, location and previous experience.

Can I pick up the text books in advance of class? Yes. For both CNA & PCT programs, upon payment of class tuition in full, you may request to receive text books in advance or you may pay a book deposit ($50 for PCT and $40 for CNA) and receive your books in advance. Otherwise, you will receive your books and additional supplies on the first day of class.

English is my second language, are the classes offered in another language? The state requires that the classes be taught in English only.  For the CNA class, materials (textbook and workbook) are offered in Spanish. The state certification is also offered in Spanish. Strong English skills are needed to be successful in our training classes.

What is the registration deadline for classes? We will take registrations up to the day before class beings if space is available. Registration form, other required documents and a $100 application fee are required to register and reserve a space in class. We suggest that you register early to guaranty a space in the class of your choice.

How many people are in a class? In general, 14 people are the maximum number of students in class.

How many students pass the class and the state exam? For our CNA program, 99% of our students have passed our training program. We provide remedial assistance if needed.  Proximately 90% of the students pass the State Certification Exams on the first attempt. For our PCT Training program, 95% of students pass the program.  We provide remedial assistance, if needed. Approximately 80% of our PCT students have passed the National Certification Exams on the first attempt. We pride ourselves on preparing our students to successfully complete the state exams on the first attempt.

Do you offer an online class?

NO. CNA certification and training programs in Georgia are regulated by the Georgia Health Partnership, Medical Care Foundation.  They require that classroom and clinical training be provided in order to be eligible to take the Certification exam.  There are many companies that advertise on-line CNA training, but they are not allowed in Georgia.

YES. Each of the American Heart Association courses can be taught online, but the skills write off portion has to be in person. 

I had a CNA certification in the past.  Can I just take the certification exam or a refresher course? CNA certification and training programs in Georgia are regulated by the Georgia Health Partnership, Medical Care Foundation.  If your certification has expired less than three years ago, you may just retake the state certification exam.  You will need to register with We strongly recommend that you download the current Georgia Nurse Aid Candidate Handbook to refresh yourself with skills to be tested.  If your certification has expired more than three years ago, the Georgia Health Partnership requires that you retake the full course and then be eligible to take the state exam. There is no approved refresher course. Contact the Georgia Health Partnership at for more information.

Where are the clinical rotations completed? For CNA training, you will complete a total of 24 hours of clinical work in a nursing home.  Clinical time is included in the regular class schedule.  During your clinical rotation, you will provide care for the residents under the supervision of the Clinical Instructor and the Nursing Home staff.  For PCT training, all clinical work is done in our classroom during the regular schedule.  Students are encouraged to ask friends and family to come in as human subjects.  We also invite the general public to receive medical procedures by the students.

How does the exam process work? For CNA training graduates, CPR With Mickey will schedule you to take the Georgia Certification exam and the exam fees are included in your tuition fee. Your exam will be scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks after the end of your CNA class. The exam is administered by NACES, at the CPR With Mickey training location where you attended class. The exam consists of a written and a skills portion. You will receive your results that day.

For PCT training graduates, the National Certification Exam is scheduled with the American Phlebotomy Association and the exam fee is included in your tuition fee. The exam is taken on a computer and consists of 200 multiple choice questions. You will receive your result at the end of the exam. Exam times are scheduled by appointment and can be taken as early as 2 days, or as long as several months after class is completed.

I can't attend two days of class. Is that a problem? Class attendance is very important.  Every effort should be made to avoid missing class.  If you know in advance that you will have to be absent, notify your instructor or CPR With Mickey staff, and exceptions may be made, but are not guarenteed.

I have a bad knee. Can I take the class? Both CNA's and PCT's job duties involve large amounts of physical activity.  People who cannot be on their feet for extended periods of time, who can't lift at least 40 pounds, who can't stoop or bend, etc. are not suited for our training.  If you have questions, please consult your personal physician.

I am pregnant. Can I take the class? Women who are pregnant may be accepted, however, you are strongly encouraged to discuss training requirement with your doctor. Training requirements include a TB skin test, please discuss this with your physician also.

Am I too old or too young to take the class? We have had successful student from age 17 to age 70.  Our classes generally include men and women of a wide age range.

I don't have a high school diploma or GED. Can I take the class? You are not required to have a HSD or GED in order to take the CNA class.  However, you may have difficulty finding employment without having a HSD or GED.  For the PCT program a HSD or GED is required.

Shoes and watch are not included in the training fee. Where can I purchase them? CPR With Mickey offers both items for sale.  Watches and white plastic clogs are $20. Shoes and watches are also available from uniform companies and from online sources.

I have lost my social security card. Do I need it? For the CNA program. you must have a social security card and government issued photo ID, such as a drivers license or a passport to be registered for the state exam. The first and last name on the photo ID and social security card must match exactly.  Students are encouraged to apply for replacement or corrected social security card and or drivers license as soon as possible to avoid a possible delay in taking the certification exam. Social security cards are requested to take the PCT program.

Can I take just the EKG or Phlebotomy training? Yes. currently we do offer the EKG or Phlebotomy training separate from the PCT program. Most people want only the Phelbotomy portion and not the EKG. If you want to take the full PCT then you have to take both plus Advanced Nursing.

I have a criminal record. Can I take the class? For the CNA program, if you have had a felony conviction within the last 10 years, or if you have a current felon charges, you are not eligible to take CNA training.  For the PCT program, there are no restrictions regarding criminal records.  ***Note that having a criminal record may affect your ability to get a job, depending on the number of charges, nature of the charges and/or how recently the charges were made.

I have had a TB skin test in the past.  Will I need to have another one? TB skin test is only required for the CNA class.  It is not required for the PCT class.  If you have had a TB skin test in the last 12 months, please provide a copy when you register for the CNA class.  If you have ever had a positive TB skin test you must have a chest x-ray and provide a letter from a doctor stating that you do not have active TB.