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Ideal for College students preparing for nursing, PA, or medical school, especially those interested in Cardiology or Emergency Medicine

Becoming an EKG Technician is a unique and exciting experience in which includes the opportunity to learn more about the anatomy of the cardiovascular system, the correct way for perform a successful EKG on a patient, and read an EKG correctly and accurately

Benefits of Becoming an EKG Technician: 

  • Gain experience performing 3 lead, 5 lead and 12 lead EKG tests.
  • Learn to read normal and abnormal EKG rhythms st a depth not generally learned in nursing programs.
  • Earn certification to help you stnad out when applying for employment or higher education. 
  • Work in your field of interest while persuing higher education.
  • Future employers may offer tuition reimbursement toward additional training/ higher education if it is in the medical field.

Information About the Course: 

  • Meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30 a.m- 4:00 p.m for 4 weeks
  • Pre-requisites include having a high school equcation/ GED and a current or in-progress CNA certification.
  • Course may be taken alone or as Part 2 of the Patient Care Technician (PCT) program. 
  • Textbook, workbook, lab supplies, and certification exam fee included in cost. 
  • Knowledgeable instructors with +45 years of combined experience. 
  • National Certification Exam taken at our facility. 


  • $1,195 tuition includes all of the following above. 
  • $100 due with application
  • Payment plan available
  • Financial Aid avaible for those who qualify. WIA is a federally funded training program that may provide payment assistance if you qualify. General qualifications include people who have been laid off from employment and/or are receiving unemployment. There are a few other sources for financial assistance. See FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE link for information.